Corbin Pacific - front & rear seat

Nov 30, 2021

Dennis Bourdon — orlando, USA

Purchased front and rear seat for 2017 BMW R1200GSA ON 10/27/21 from store in Daytona. I called before to confirm that they had both seats in stock. when i got there they only had front. i chose the lowered front seat and was told i had to order rear matching seat and it would take 5 weeks for delivery. Received rear seat approximately 3 weeks later to my disappointment. when installed with the lowest front seat you can see a big gap under rear seat that shows the latching pin as shown in photo. how unsightly is that with lowered front seat. I never would have bought that seat knowing it would look like that together. I called because i thought i got the wrong rear seat but was told the rear seat fits all 3 front seat heights and because i got the lowest one there is a big gap.

My other complaint is the fact that the rear seat does not lock properly and can be popped open by hand due to poor design and workmanship as seen in my video. For over 1000, 00 dollars those seats should be perfect aesthetically and mechanically and they are neither.