CoxHealth Center - "Policy" vs " Patient"

Feb 09, 2022

Todd R Carter-of Ozark, US

To Whom it May concern,

I would prefer to speak with someone on this matter, but in short we went to Branson, MO today at CoxHealth / Diabetes & Endocrinology for my Father’s meeting with the Doctor to get the lab results, but it became very apparent that “Policy” was more important than my “Father” Basically we couldn’t have 2 people in the room with my Father who is 82 years old. My mother knows what pills he is taking and she wanted me in there to ask the Doctor questions about the lab results based on what was found.

I did find the Policy for CoxHealth and here is what it reads

Patients have the right to:

• #2 on the list Be treated with respect and dignity (This was violated by the nurse by not listening and more concerned about, again, “The Policy” instead of the “Person”

We both needed to be in the room to Make informed decisions about care for my father.

Very Disappointed when “Policies” become more important than “People” ---- If this continues we will not return and if I miss my guess the hospital is in business because of the “People”

We were very pleased with the Doctor and her understanding of the situation.

Todd R Carter