CoxHealth Center - Heart Shock

Mar 12, 2022

Schlis-of Galena, US

I went to see a heart doctor at the Wheeler Heart and Vascular Center in Springfield, MO after being in the hospital in October for excessive High Blood Pressure and Hypertension. I had a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor. After taking a few tests she said I had Atrial Fibrillation and wanted me to talk to a Doctor about getting a Heart Shock which she and the Doctor both said would get my heart working properly. So I Agreed. It was set up for the following Tuesday. [protected]) When I came in Tuesday morning to the hospital in Springfield, they did some tests to prepare me for the procedure. I also had a nurse that came in to verify my insurance information. In the process of talking with her she told me that this procedure would cost around $3000.00. I said OK.

After the procedure, I was told it was a success and I was scheduled for a follow up about two and a half weeks later.

At my follow up appointment I was told that my Atrial Fibrillation had returned. I asked the nurse practitioner how that could be. She said it was most likely because I was overweight and had high blood pressure. (My Fault ?) She actually increased my blood pressure medicine by 50% that day because I told her it had not gone down since my last visit. She wanted me to talk to a doctor about getting another procedure done which I declined and have not returned to them since dealing with them on this day. When I received my bill for this procedure done on 12-14-2021, they charged me $8,166.07 not $3000.00 as I was quoted. My insurance company paid them $6,398.66 of this bill which left me having to pay $1,767.41.

So the doctor and nurse practitioner knowingly scheduled me for a procedure (Heart Shock) that they knew would most likely not hold because of my physical issues, but they still insisted that I have it done anyway. Now they want me to pay this bill for a procedure that fixed nothing.

I have sent Cox Health Billing Department a letter protesting this bill with the info stated above, but have not heard back from them.