Crazy Domains - Terrible email hosting and zero customer service from management

Mar 21, 2022

David All.-of Perth, AU

My email hosting was coming up for renewal. I had experienced numerous problems throughout the year from Crazy Domains as to be frank their email service is NOT the business grade they like to tell unsuspecting prospects.

Therefore I asked for a small discount in light of the hours I had spent trying to resolve issues from their poor quality service - 15% was all I was asking for.

I spent over 4 hours trying to get through to a manager there - that was over about 5 calls. The financial element of the discount paved into insignificance a long time ago when compared to the time and loss of productivity that had gone into trying to speak with a manager - it then simply became a matter of principle.

Crazy Domains list themselves as an Australian business, however you will ONLY every speak to the Philippines as the owners of the business hideaway in their ivory towers with the false belief that giving scripted responses to the low cost off-shore labour force counts a sufficient customer service. Which judging by the reviews and their poor service rating - this policy is clearly failing. Given that they have taken no effort to alter this in any way, one can only draw the immediate conclusion that they are in this to grab as much money out of it as they can before it finally sinks.

I have sent no less than either emails to two senior management contacts within Australia - both of which choose to simply ignore the emails, so again, form your own judgement on how they view customers. If you want to follow this similar format look up current employees of Dreamscape Networks on Linkedin.

In 30 years of business I have never experienced a company with such little regard for customers as Crazy Domains. Keith Bower and Lauren Lever have proved beyond any doubt that they consider customer issues below them and for me, anyone staff member who thinks it's okay to simply ignore customer issues and requests for escalation simply have not place in the organisation - that is if you intend to run your business with good integrity and a professional approach.

I will close by saying I urge you to vote with your feet and if you have taken the time to read this, then please take my advice and go elsewhere. This company operates with no decency at all.