Credit Karma - Direct deposit signup incentive

Feb 19, 2022

Kimbreley Mora-of US

I switched my direct deposit to credit karma money spend about 2 years ago. When I set up direct deposit, they had a promotion going on for $150 sign-up incentive. I completed the direct deposit set up, met the direct deposit monthly deposit minimum to qualify for the incentive money, and completed the 45 or 60 day period to get my $150 reward.

I was told repeatedly over the next 8 or 9 months to wait, it was being processed. Then, when it never showed up in my account, credit karma made me hunt through emails and screenshots (thank God I took those!) to prove that my direct deposit sign up was completed before the promotion expired, etc. I provided everything they needed as proof, and was told in an email that I still have, that my incentive was approved and would be put in my account on January 6th, 2022! (This was November 2021, I believe.)

The money never showed up, so I began emailing to find out what happened to my incentive response. 4 emails, 6 emails, 9 emails later, I've had enough. I've also noticed that since I started griping in Ernest regarding my missing incentive money, I no longer win ANY amount of "Instant Karma", either! I'd like to know how to get my $150 out of them!