Credit Karma - Incorrect information

Apr 17, 2022

JoseDaniel-of Oakland, US

I challenged a item where the credit card company said they closed my account. In fact I closed it because they threatened to close it if I didn’t spend more money with the card (Sears, now out of business). I closed it instead but they reported that they closed it which is negative for my report. I filed a complaint with credit karma. It took them 8 hours to come back with a response that the information was correct. I am filing a complaint on credit karma with the FTC and also against the credit card company. Credit karma is worthless and only tries to market new credit cards. Horrible. Not in business to help consumers and a lot of information that is incorrect. Credit scores are wrong as I check with my mortgage company. In short, credit karma is horrible. Don’t bite into their marketing. You’ll be sorry.