Credit Karma - Money Spend account

Apr 29, 2022

Tami Nicole-of US

I opened a credit karma money spend account through turbo tax when i filed for a refund advance. From the start it was horrible they sent me a card that was already closed fdown. Then i spent over a week trying to link every bank account possible to transfer my money out. Then they tried to give me a virtual card that was not showing up at first for about a week. Once my actual refund came to my account My virtual card was gone because apparently my actual debit card was activated which i never got a new card. I filed a complaint and within that week all money disappeared thru several different apps like cash app pay pal things that were not mine. I filed a claim with them by now all my money was gone. They said the usual 10 business day. well i got refunds from some merchants that my money was used at in my account before i could check the deposits ck locked up my account and said their specialty team were fixing it problem. I would have my credits from my stolen refund and my refunds from merchants in my account and access in 10 business days. we are now a month in and 43 emails later still no account access no money access no actual update on what is going on just a repeat email saying that they are working on it and to allow 10 business days which i found out starts over every time i send an email. This is not right I need my account open