Creepy Hollows - Services not rendered. Bigotry in the forum

May 14, 2022

Prccamel-of US

I have placed many orders that require a write-up, never received any despite requesting more than once. I always get a reply that Magnolia will send them tonight. It never happened.

Their help desk crew members is particularly rude and unhelpful. All the exchanges made were unpleasant. He lacks basic decency but I looked the other way and continued with them. Many people do complain about their help desk and the mistakes that happen. My grip is how particularly obtuse this certain crew is. 

Then I was insulted in their forum by one of their members/mods — he was bigoted and racist towards me. When I previously complained about this member targeting me, he was not reprimanded and always got away scot-free. Recent incident was a blatant racism so I request a refund.  

There was no apology, no acknowledgement of the issue, not even a question of what really happened, just straight up gaslighting and calling blatant racism an “unfavorable comment”. She closed my account. For this, I don’t recommend you get their Diamantie subscription, you’ll lose money. 

Until this day, no write-ups were not received albeit being promised to get them. The write-ups are a significant part of the services. They kept stalling and lying until my account was closed due to my complaint. 

Services not fulfilled, bad customer service, bigoted/racist forum members — not recommending CH to anyone. They consider any complaint as hate and jealousy, cannot even deal with normal, expected criticism and you can see that clearly in their responses to complaints.

Save your dignity and money and shop somewhere else.