Cub Foods - Customer service staff

Nov 17, 2021

Sheila Bridges — USA

This particular store at 1177 Clarence is a store that instacart goes to that people place orders at. I have stopped taking requests at that store because cashier that is on early in the morning the only cashier she is Afro-American, and just so you know that this is not a racial issue my family is white black mixed. The reason I no longer go there is because she doesn't say hello she doesn't respond when you say hello she looks totally miserable and unhappy and sometimes I shop for more than one person so I have to have the to order separated and I asked for her to be sure that they don't run together and she told me that I can figure it out she's on how far and basically bad staff I don't know if she was trained or I don't know if she doesn't care I noticed on the instacart apps that this particular store stays on the list for a long time nobody accepts it I'm wondering if it's not for the same reason. Maybe training will help I don't know she doesn't seem very open to anything new or two make the shopping experience a good one