CubeSmart - Storage

Jan 17, 2022

Veronica, B.-of New York, New York, US

I gave cubesmart 1-months notice that I would be moving out January 14th, 2022. HRA was 30 days late in paying the bill, so I gathered up some extra funding and sent it in myself to avoid auctioning while I was in the process of moving out.
On the 31st day, HRA finally sends a payment, but now they have received an extra $111 from me that I barely could spare at the time - making it paid up to an extra month, February 14th. I wasnt thinking much of it considering I notified them of the move well in advance, and assumed they would be courteous and just mail the prepaid rent to my address.
Well first off, I called the facility and asked them to confirm that my account was indeed closed and site vacated and left open. The girl told me the account was still open, then proceeded to just repeat the information Id just given her saying I moved out and left the cube open. That isnt confirmation of an account closure at all.
I then asked her about the refund for the prepaid rent and she couldnt give me an answer, so I asked her to note my account and forward it to the site supervisor so he could further assist, and she alleged to have done so. I proceed to call Cubesmart at the main phone number and ask about a refund for the prepaid rent per se and was told they dont provide prorated rebates. I then went to Cubesmarts online chat and informed them of the 1/14 move out and asked them if they closed my account. The chat specialist said she saw my account was still open so she forwarded the site facility an email confirming them the cube was vacated and requested to close my account.
I then asked if I would be refunded and she said she will certainly request that. So whats the deal Cubesmart? I understand if you dont offer refunds for unused days, but prepaid or surplus rent is a different scenario altogether! The payments were made exactly 24hours from each other!
I spoke with staff endless times to ask for extensions and was promptly denied. But you promptly took the money and dont consider that a foul? Not to mention my belongings were COVERED with rat *** and turds! The boxes and covers I used to block out YOUR cockroaches were chewed through and mutilated.
Yet, you offer NO WARNING OF THE PEST PROBLEM, and NO INSURANCE to potentially compensate for damage. But you put rat poison packs in my new cubicle making it clear that youre acknowledging the problem WELL AFTER I PAYED FOR THE UNIT! Disgusting! Not just the vermin, but your made up rules and policy facade!
Utterly disgraceful! I left the rat turds for YOU to clean up ;)