David Stanley Chevrolet - Getting my car fix

Dec 04, 2021

[email protected]-of Indianapolis, United States

I'm have a complaint about my 2014 Chevy impala. I had led replaced before taking to the service department, they told me I had an led and another issue. I paid almost a thousand dollars to get car fix. Car still was cutting off. Now there is noise coming from my engine and they told me know I need a timing change replaced. In on disability.. I have no money to fix a problem that they didn't discuss when first brought vehicle in. I feel ok been single out because of may race. I just paid my car off with all I had to get rid of this high payment. Is there anything can be done too fix my car. I need my vehicle to make to my Dr Appointment. I had one kidney removed from having cancer. I need to make to all my appointments. Please help me resoveled my problem with my car.

David Jones