Davis Vision - "covered in full" is a lie. Scam company

May 09, 2022

James..-of US

My plan's coverage states

"The Exclusive Collection of Contact Lenses: Covered in full" - keep in mind the plan cycle is every 2 years. It also says exams/fittings are covered in full.

I went in for my exam and was charged for it... then I was told that covered in full for their exclusive collection means a quantity that lasts for 2 months. Yep.. 2 months of a 2 year cycle.

They also make it incredibly difficult for providers to figure out what is and isnt covered. Calling them and speaking with their customer service reps youll spend 3x more time on hold than getting any answers... and the people answering the phones dont even know whats covered on the plans.

This is far worse than the typical scummy insurance company, it should be illegal.