DBS Bank Credit Card - Credit card with 21 repetitive transactions!

Nov 30, 2021

JackKoh20 — USA

My sub card was charged 21 repetitive transactions of $100 on same day of 3rd Nov 2021.
On 4th Nov, my sub card holder received an sms that unusual transactions were spotted. That's impressive as any BOT would have sensed such irregularities.
My sub card holder called DBS hotline and agreed to cancel the card on 4/11 and got a replacement on 7/11. Dbs said they will investigate further. I haven't got my statement yet then.

But on 30/11/21, my statement came. It requested payment for all the 21 repetitive transactions!!

I called DBS who agreed to investigate further again!
What happened DBS? I trusted you so much !!