Decofurn Furniture - Delivery delayed unnecessarily

Nov 30, 2021

Tandoz — Cape Town, South Africa

I bought furniture here on Saturday and I was called on Monday and I was told the delivery is coming and I stayed at home and cancelled all my appointments and it did not come. Tuesday same thing I had to cancel all my meetings got a call that my order will be delivered, even got the message from the driver to say he will be there around 13:30. If I didn't call him around 3 to ask where he is I wasn't going to know that my delivery is cancelled. He told us the dispatch manager cancelled the delivery without even bothering to contact me and let me know. I called more than 20 times to ask for the dispatch manager at Montague gardens and all the time I am told he is not able to take my call and will return my call in 5 minutes or I am told to wait on the line to be put through to him/her and I would wait and the call just gets cancelled. I have never been disgusted like this, and I didn't just waste my airtime calling, I wasted 2 days of my life and cancelled all my commitments just to be fooled by decofurn