Deutsche Bahn - late train12.32am ICE 28 from Regensburg and DB information about 9pm Frankfurt

May 16, 2022


Dear Sir/Madam

Whilst travelling to the United Kingdom from Prague by rail on April 12th 2022I had to get out of the train because the 12.32am ICE 28 from Regensburg was over a hour late in arriving at Frankfurt Main Station. The situation demanded standing in a line at the DB information office (during which time the late train that I had just got off to ask for information in the station left again) and I was told that this was the only train and I could not get another one in time to make my connection at Brussels. I was the directed to another huge queue at the ticket office and I managed to get a free ticket the next day. I was directed to go to DBahn and ask for a hotel room for the night. I then went to DBahn information office right in the centre of the station. There were another couple Celens M and Charlotte M (I can send you the full names if necessary) there and a Vietnamese family. DBahn information wanted to send us to Dortmund for a hotel room for which we would have to leave very early in the morning and it was now about 9pm we objected but were told no other room was possible. During the conversation and unprovoked by myself, who used no foul or offensive language one of the DB information staff a Mr Christian Clekeierski moved forward to the DB window smahed his fist on the table and abruptly told me to "Fuck Off" in German. His manner was threatening and aggressive. This was translated for me by Mr Celens Marshall who speaks German. I notice that one other member of staff inside the booth tried to hold him back. He then very aggressively came out the side of the booth and both myself and Mr Celens Marshall and Charlotte Maconochie thought he was going to hit me. The mobile number of this couple is 069265XXX (I can provide thisin full) and they have agreed to be witnesses for me. I was very upset at that and went and got the police. I went to the police station in Frankfurt Main station about 100 meters away and made a complaint. Three police officers (one woman and two men) attended. They spoke good English and I have the number 063 for them I told them what had happened, and they went into the DB information booth and interviewed the two remaining DB information officers. Strangely then as if by magic hotel rooms were found for the night for all of us in Frankfurt when only moments before we were told it was impossible. the police at Frankfurt are aware of this matter and said that it was Ok if you want to contact them about it. It will be in their log that night.

I would thus like to claim a refund on my rail ticket, I feel that the behaviour of Mr Christian Clekeierski was absolutely inexcusable - if that kind of aggression is DBahn customer service god help German railways.

I await your response and instructions on this matter

Yours faithfully

Thomas Draper