Dial-a-Bed - Restonic Queen Size

Mar 12, 2022

Carmonita Martins-of US

Please need assistance on how to log a complain against your above mentioned branch. I bought Restonic bed on the 14/09/2018. I called them in February to tell them the bed in sagging in the middle. They said Restonic would contact me. Restonic asked me to take pics they will assessed the bed and get back to me. They told me they credited the store and it will contact me. That did not happen I called them myself. They then said I must pay in R1620. I refused and told them that my bed is in warranty they then only explained to me how it works. I told them I will not pay because they should have told me before they took my money. They said there should have been a pamflet in the bed when it was delivered. I told them that they failed to educate me as there customer on how it works and did not do there work. The manager said he will try and speak to Restonic and see what he can do on his side. Two weeks past nothing happened. I called the store on Monday the manager was in East London. I went into the store this Tuesday he was still not back. They said he will call me on Wednesday by 10:10 the morning that did not happen. I went to the store again Wednesday afternoon. The salesman told me I can choose any bed they will credit me and I have to purchase a new bed

This is not warranty he made like it was very good news that I now dont have to pay in the R1620 and they will credited I have to pay the difference. I'm sorry do they think I'm stupid or what. I really not there fool. Because that's is what they taking me for now. Please I need assistance because clearly they think I'm stupid. This is BAD customer service. Because when they sold me the bed the only explained the good things. I even purchase another the fromthen on 27/11/2021 if I knew this I would never have done this. They clearly did not do there job and now me the customer must pay for there incompetence. The manager was no where to be seen. But as I got into my car he and this salesman came out to smoke cause I was asking for him. But they avoided my question. I am not impress with this at all.