- Old River DLX Canoe

May 10, 2022

DMB_-of New Orleans, US

On 2/23/22 I received a quotation from for an Old River DLX Canoe including shipping. The price was $1,750 plus $699 in shipping.

I asked and was told that the lead time was 2 - 3 week for the canoe to be shipped. I placed and confirmed the order on 3/2/22 and paid in full.

On 3/17/22 I checked in to see how production of the canoe was going and was told that the canoe was schedule to leave the warehouse at the end of March.

That's a month after placing my order, not 2 - 3 weeks.

On 3/30/22 I was informed that there was a delay -- the canoe they made had a defect and the molds had to be reworked and the canoe remade. I was told at that time there would be a follow-up with a new delivery schedule.

After checking in again, on 4/7/22 I was told that Direct Boats was in the process of scheduling a shipper to pick up and deliver the canoe. I was told delivery was schedule for 4/12 - 4/13, and that the driver would contact me to confirm an ETA.

By 4/12 I had not heard from the drier so I reached out to Direct Boats for the name and number of the driver so I could reach out. On 4/13 I was given the name as Dave with Garrett's Transport, so I called Dave.

I spoke to Dave and he reported that my canoe was put on the wrong truck and there would be an additional delay in delivery. He said it would be delivered on 4/14.

4/14 comes around and no sign of Dave; so I called him and no answer. I called Direct Boats to find out what was going on and they called the shipping company to find out.

Direct Boats called back to report my canoe was stolen! Direct Boats assured me they would do everything they could to build and ship a new one as quickly as possible. They would "burn the midnight oil" and expedite it. Upon hearing this I asked if it would be another three weeks out and was told "no" we're going to get this out in a week or two and get you taken care of.

That was 4/14.

On 4/21 I follow-up after not hearing any news and after a few emails I'm told on 4/25 that the warehouse manager has confirmed that a new canoe will chip by Monday 5/4!

So much for expediting. I informed Direct Boats that I wanted it delivered by 5/4 otherwise I wanted a refund as it's already been 7 weeks since I placed the order.

After another week of asking for updates I was told on 4/29 that the canoe went out for bid to leave the warehouse on Monday (5/2). I called Direct Boats to get more details and was told they were shipping via UShip and that I would have the canoe by Sunday 5/8 (Mother's day).

I informed Direct Boats that if I don't receive it by then, on Monday the 9th I'd like a refund.

After hearing nothing by Friday the 6th, I reach out to Direct Boats via email to check the status. No response. Sunday the 8th comes and goes and no canoe.

On Monday the 9th, I received an email form Direct Boats that the shipper did not pick up the canoe, and then asking if I want to proceed with the refund. I said yes.

After nine-and-an-half weeks and the fabrication of THREE canoes, Direct Boats failed to deliver. I was told that my refund was being processed and it would take several days.

This whole experience was a terrible disappointment and waste of time.