Dollar General - Disrespectful, verbally abusive employee

Nov 26, 2021

W. Jean Bailey — Deland, USA

This is the 4th time I have contacted Dollar General about an employee who works at the Dollar General store located at 1110 E New York Ave, Deland, Fl 32724
a couple of months ago I ran to the dollar general to pick up some items, when I got to the cash register Taqwante started to check me out, I had a bottle of wine and he said "I'm gonna need your ID" I laugh and said really I am 60 years old, as I started getting my ID out Taqwante got an attitude, he said "if you don't give me your ID I'm not selling you the wine" I handed him my ID and he handed it back, when I took it back he said "why did you grab it out of my hand" I told him I didn't grab out of his hand, and I proceeded to continue to check out, the machine ask for my phone number so I entered the phone number, then Taqwanted screamed why did you enter your phone number do you have Electronic coupons, I said No the machine ask for the number so I entered, it. He started getting verbally abusive, if you don't like it you don't have to come in here. I was very surprised that this employee was so verbally abusive, so I called to complain to a manager, I explained the situation and the manager said to speak to the store manager Allie, so I spoke to Allie about the way I felt Taqwante was disrespecting me during the transaction. And I felt he could benefit from some customer service training, The next incident happened with my adult son, I was not there, but he had called and said that Taqwante had a slick mouth toward him. He said their was a man standing outside store, with an expired ID, he was clearly around 44 years old, and ask my son to purchase him a pack of cigarettes since without a valid ID the store would not sell him a pack. My son said sure, he would help him out. So he went back into the store and ask to purchase a pack of cigarettes, Taqwante started asking are these cigarettes for the man outside, my son, said he was purchasing them, then he tried to say it was against the law for my son to purchase cigarettes if it was for the man outside. My son told him, that he would do whatever he wanted to do with the cigarettes after he purchased them. Again Taqwante was disrespectful to my adult son. It is illegal for the store to sell cigarettes to minors and that they require an ID. My son would never purchase cigarettes for a minor, the man was around 44 years old, and it is NOT against the law for my son to give this 44 year old man the cigarettes.
ON Nov. 15th, I went to the dollar general again to pick up a few items, I live 2 houses from there. I got my items and went to the check out counter where Allie started ringing up my items, I seen Taqwante and said oh hes still here? did he get customer service training? she said she didn't know she wasn't the manager any longer. Taqwante was checking out another customer at the other register, as soon as he finished he came to the register where I was checking out and started verbally attacking me "Do you have something you want to say to me?" He said in an intimidating manner, so again I repeated the same thing, I was surprised you were still here and if you had gotten any customer service training. I think that is a fair question to ask when you have an employee that clearly lacks customer service training. I was in customer service 25 years. That's when the verbal attacks started again. 1 I was not talking to Tawqante, he ran from the other register to try and intimidate me. shouting at me if I didn't like him working there I didn't need to come to that store, I advised I would shop where I wanted, then he told me if he was there he wasn't going to sell me anything, now this is the third time this employee has been disrespectful, I was trying to leave the store and he kept verbally attacking me. I told him how would he like his butt kicked. He said come back with whoever I wanted to come back with. So I went home and called in another complaint, I was unable to spell his name so I had to go back to the Dollar General store to get his information. Instead of being Verbally attacked again by Tawqante I called the Volusia County Sheriff to escort me to the Dollar General store, the police officer met me there, we went into the store, I did not see Tawqante, Allie was there and I ask her the managers name since the first complaint I was ask to speak to the store manager about any issues, so I ask Allie the store manager, since Allie was no longer the store manager she stated Jamie was the manager, I ask Jamie last name Allie said she couldn't give that to me, I ask for Jamie's phone number Allie said she couldn't give it to me, I told Allie I had tried to call the store 5 times before coming back, but the phone didn't seem to be working right, Allie said the phone was broke and I should call Miguel the District Manger at -[protected], So I called and spoke with Miquel explained the situation and ask again if Tawqante had customer service training, Miguel said he was going to check into the other complaints, I did not hear back from Miquel. I advised MIquel if he preferred I would not visit the store, and take my business elsewhere. It appeared that since they have a hard time keeping employees there Tawqante could treat customers anyway he wanted because he was an employee who would show up and work. Miquel stated no they wanted my business and would check into it. As I stated I never heard back from Miquel. So believing that I would not experience anymore verbal attacks from Tawqante I went back to the Dollar General to pick up a few things, I seen Allie in the aisle and said Hi, she said Hi back. I said do you hate me{ knowing she works a double shift if no one shows up} I told her that I had told Miquel what a great Employee she was. At that time she told me that the District manage Miquel had told Allie to Trespass me if I came back to the store. I said really, is that what you want to do? she said No she never had a problem with me. So I took my items and Jamie was at the register, very nice, very polite and checked me out. I went home amazed that instead of addressing the issue with the employee, that she had been told to TRESPASS me, I had ask Miquel if he prefer I not shop at the store, I was quite surprised instead of contacting me back and advising he would prefer I not shop there because the disrespectful employee was of more value to him than my business I would be blindsided with a Trespass. My son said mom "you know if he is doing this to us, he is probably treating other customers the same" my son has his own business and customer service is an important part of that, we had another business that provided 100% money back satisfaction. So this type of behavior from a service employee is really unbelievable. There is a FAMILY DOLLAR a couple blocks down the street, the man there is VERY NICE, always pleasant, and usually runs the store his self, I don't shop there because I like the selection at the Dollar General better and it is closer. But I would rather go to the FAMILY DOLLAR, than to be verbally attacked by Tawqante. As I stated I am 60 years old and retired, I don't know if he has a habit of verbally attacking the elderly? But I don't mind shopping elsewhere and spending my spare time advising people what a disrespectful employee you have working there. It is sad because Allie, and Jamie are great employees with great customer service skills. but if Dollar General values Tawqante, and does not mind him verbally attacking customers, please just advise me that my business in not as valuable as Tawqante and I will start going to the Family dollar for my few things. So at this point I don't know if it is SAFE for me to go to the Dollar General store, the other nite Tawqante was not there, and there were NO issues, I was treated as a valued customer. I'm not sure if I need to take a police escort every time I need to pick up a few things? If I should turn on my phone and video my visits to the Dollar General? Like I said if he is treating me, my son {we did not visit the store together, never have} with this type of verbal attacks and disrespect he is probably treating other customers.
I would like to have a response to this complaint in writing please.