Domains Priced Right - Unlocking Domain for Transfer

Apr 22, 2022

BAD123141222-of US

WildWestDomains/DomainsPricedRight want to make sure they make it as difficult to unlock your domain as possible. I have spent more than 1.5 weeks, everyday, in an attempt to unlock my domain. They have a verification process that sends your notification to your email sometime the NEXT DAY. I saw it finally arrive at 4 AM after attempting at noon the PREVIOUS day. This happened repeatedly. Then if you try something else or change your password the system locks you out for 24 hrs. Then they could not authenticate the login. I have tried other activities such as removing autorenewal which works fine, but as far as unlocking or transferring domain they have blocked every attempt. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Fortunately i have removed my other domains but need to get my last one away from these guys.