Domestic Uniform Rental - Contract

Nov 19, 2021

Troy Maddux — Fairfield, USA

Because of Covid we had to reduce the services from weekly to bi-weekly and it was a hassle. The service has been less than stellar. There is always a different attendant and no one has any answers. The service was terrible. Cost of services kept going up. We tried to contact the home office. Several messages were left and finally were able to get ahold of someone that said he was going to help us by reducing down the cost of services per month. Instead we received a certified letter from a law firm that we are in breach of contract of something that we didn't sign or renew. The initial contract was 2018. Tried to cancel contract and was informed it was an automatic renewal. Now we were contacted by a private investigator and wants to come to our business to document our assets. The investigator provided us with a phone number for the lawyer that is suing us for breach of contract. Unbelievable strong arm tactics for subpar services. Absolutely terrible company.