Domo Gasoline - Domo Gasoline

Jan 26, 2022

HArora-of Edmonton, CA

We went to Domo on 34th Ave in Edmonton last night to fill up gas. I don't know what did they filled my tank with? My new car only(9k on it)broke down within 1 km after filling up and the dealership is not going to cover it under warranty as they filled in wrong gas. The dealership says there is a pink fluid that they have never seen before. Our Car has already been towed twice within 12 hours, once to our house and then from our home to dealership. I have spoken to Margaret at the Head Office and left messages for Lily at Edmonton location I am hoping that someone gets back to me soon as possible as my family and I were in a collision recently and our other car has been written off and we are already going through a lot of pains and hassles on top of that we are left with no transportation now even to fulfill our daily needs.. We have to attend our Doctors appointment, physio and massage sessions 3-4 times a week, including my 9 year old daughter and we will not be able to attend these appointments if we don't get our Vehicle fixed ASAP.
So I hope that Domo does their investigations quickly and takes the full responsibility of what has happened. I am attaching the receipt for your reference as well.