Donatos Pizzeria - Website ordering

Feb 19, 2022

happy at Papa Johns-of Gahana, US

I had another issue with NOT ordering on line even though I tried really hard to do so.

One day last month I could not order online after logging in without without filling in all the information again. Even though it is in my profile. Name,address, email, credit card, name again.

I received a free ONE TOPPING pizza. Probably broke the bank

The last time I didn't get everything I ordered and had to wait while my food.

I called the local store and asked why I couldn't order on line and the "manager" assured me they are letting corporate know it is an issue and they are getting complaints.

Well I tried again tonight and I could not get my information to take. It would not use my profile information, either. It used to work and now it doesn't.

I won't fight with a computer to order my dinner.

Papa John's pizza was really great tonight. I had no issues ordering there.