Doordash - Delivery

Nov 21, 2021

K Gr — USA

So I'm waiting for my order to arrive and watching the driver gps in real-time. Watched him go past our house and turn down a lane one house away then proceeded to go to the end of the lane which is shared with 6+ homes, so it's pretty long(a good 300 feet at least). I get a text from the driver saying he can't find the address. (Our house number is posted in 4 different places) When I try to call or text him back it says "unavailable ". I'm just about to go outside and wave him in I get a text from DoorDash saying that the driver was instructed to leave the food in a secure area at the address. My husband went out and down the lane he found our food sitting under a mailbox that was 7 numbers past ours, sitting in the dirt lane. Not even at someone's house, it was just sitting on the side of the road!
If I had not been watching the gps real-time there's no chance in hell that we would have thought to look that far away from our home! We have never had anyone else say they couldn't find us and we get delivery ALOT.
I was so angry I just told DoorDash we didn't get the food and made them refund us.