Doordash - Delivery and customer service

Nov 27, 2021

KD23 — Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Door Dash provided terrible service and refused to take responsibility.
1. Not only did my order never arrive, but worse, the driver sent a text to claim that he had delivered it.
2. The driver did not answer the phone when called by Door Dash, and he apparently didn't call Door Dash back when they left a message with him. It is one thing if a driver is late-- this is understandable. It is another when the driver goes AWOL, and apparently lies about having delivered the meal. And it's still worse if the company refuses to take responsibility as a matter of company policy.
3. Door Dash customer service kept me in the phone 40 minutes, placing me on hold 4 times.
4. Door Dash refused to take responsibility. They said it was up to me to call the restaurant to ask for a refund. But it wasn't the restaurant's fault-- I had already confirmed from the restaurant that the driver had picked up my meal. I gave Door Dash several opportunities to make things right, even speaking with the supervisor (who was totally unhelpful).
5. The restaurant manager told me he suspects the driver just stole my food. We heard at the restaurant that another Door Dash driver had shown up there a couple months ago with two dogs, who ate the order!
6. As company policy Door Dash won't give refunds even if the driver fails to deliver the meal. They hide behind an excuse that they don't have payment details. When offered the payment details so they can credit the credit card, they refuse. They also refuse to send a check or give another credit. So even if the problem is due Door Dash's negligence, they expect the customer to spend the customer's time and energy to ask the restaurant for a refund. They won't even refund their own delivery fees. This is even if the restaurant was not at fault and even if the order is very late. Amazing. Restaurants are losing their own goodwill by entrusting food delivery to Door Dash. They ought to drop Door Dash and find a reputable food delivery provider.