Dovenmuehle Mortgage - Refund

Feb 07, 2022

Dani Flohr-of US

Dovenmuehle Mortgage is the absolute worst company.

They owe me a refund that they sent me a letter about in September. Ever since I am calling and emailing to see if they can give me that money back.

It has been a nightmare to get any answers out of them.

They keep inventing new things why i need to "wait longer" and if I email their departments, nobody ever responds. I am convinved they are a criminal company and that they just keep the money they owe people. On top of everything there are so many bad reviews and complaints online and yet they pretend to have A+ ratings on their website! Beware of this company people! I will look into legal action. This is terrible and somebody has to look into these practices before people lose their houses.