Dualit - 1.5l Kettle

Mar 01, 2022

Diane Sleigh-of Frome, GB

On/off press down switch doesn't stay down so kettle switches off. The kettle is 4years old and cost £85.

The kettle was bought online from Lakeland in July 2017. I contacted them and was told it is outside their warranty and i should contact dualit direct which i did in November 2021. Dualit said the same adding it is the nature of electrical appliances that sometimes things go wrong.

It is reasonable for me to expect that a kettle should boil water, it has no other purpose. This one does not.

Dualit have a legal duty of sale to have quality assessment processes and robust product design in place to sell a product of satisfactory durabilty.

I have been passed through their complaints procedure and most recently to their Commercial Director who says it is unfortunate that i am one of those people whose expectations are not met by their product.

It is a kettle that doesn't boil water.

I have requested a free replacement and been offered a discount on the purchase of a new one. I think this is unreasonable and want a free replacement.

The Commercial Director has not responded to my rejection of the discount purchase. Please can you help?