Dubai Driving Center - Clearance letter

Apr 13, 2022

Adrijana Sok-of US

After visiting Dubai Driving Center in Al Qusais on 25th February

Paid I don’t even know what kind of old bills for amount of 1500aed. I requested clearance letter as I will be sooner or later transfering to another school to finish my license.

I was told I will be in contact of 3-5 working days to collect my Clearance letter.

Since 25th of February no one ever contacted me again!

I called several times. No one is picking up of course.

11th of April I called and finally reached an agent who was already annoyed that she have to talk to me. I told her what was the issue. And she told me that the lady who is in charge of that will come at 11am. And that she will call me back.

And of course no one called me back. And after trying to reach them still I cannot reach to anyone.

I need that Clearance letter.

Thank you!