- Shocking service provided by AMK branch

Feb 15, 2022

Mi Go 8802-of US

Hi. Today 15 Feb ard 11am I went to Amk branch to cut hair. I was being attended by a chi lady with long hair and spec. Her attitude was bad and face black. I ask her to just follow how previously it was being cut. She hai loudly? Then when I sat down she said my hair spoilt? My hair is not spoilt is perm for cny! She can't c?

Then she shaved my sides of my hair on left and right. Now got 2 botak spots. I ask her let ne see the mirror and was shock. I told her I can't Accept she panicked and ask for her manager. She never apologize and kept insisting it is my fault!

Her manager came and continue to trim and shave?

I told him I can't accept my side hair on my face never ask cut so short and my back of my hair also?

Still insist I am at fault? If she dun know how to cut go home. Not happy to work go home! Dun vent her temper on my hair?

She shave and cut my hair so short on purpose? She thinks I am a lesbian?

At the end het manager never charged me. It is not able payment it is the trust I have in them is not there!

I signed up e package at amk. I will never go amk again!

I demand an explanation and apology!