Eden Hall Day Spa - Booking

Mar 09, 2022

Joanna Kennedy-of US

Re booking for Tuesday 15th March in the name of Joanna Kennedy.

Following a telephone conversation earlier today I would like to make a complaint. The booking was made for my mother and I however she was informed yesterday that she has to go for an emergency operation on Wednesday 16th and will need to isolate beforehand. I was hoping that we could either get a refund or gift vouchers. I was informed that I could change the date with an admin fee of £20 each! That is outrageous as it is one booking not 2 separate bookings, this is also a difficult option as we don't know how long the recovery will be so would be unable to give another date at this time. I was repeatedly told I should have took out the insurance at the time of booking... how on earth was we to know she would be told she needed surgery at short notice.

As a reputable company I would have hoped that under these difficult circumstances for my mother you would be more accommodating.

I look forward to hearing your response.


J kennedy