Eivan’s Photo - video

Feb 07, 2022

dracos-of green bay, US

save your money and go elsewhere you don't want to be on this end of the string with this company. videographers were late, unprofessional, didn't respond to our emails months prior and 2 days before the wedding emailed me and asked for an itinerary not months before when i tried again and again to reach out to them. Ttrying to get my video is a nightmare. if seems like they give you the run around saying "oh you didn't recieve it yet?" and "i'll reach out to our video department" then poof they never call or email back. also we bought a package to include the digital prints. there was no instructions on how to get them so we bought them thinking we could get reimbersed since it was INCLUDED IN OUR CONTRACT. however they said no they won't refund us.