Emerald Resort & Casino - No show fee

Dec 28, 2021

Ianhumility-of Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi my name is Ian Hartzenberg mine is not really a complaint but more plea for humanity ...I reservation no 6112265, I was suppose to Check in yesterday it totally slip my mind due to emotional trauma I'm currently experiencing my wife ran off with another and to of my Kids showing signs of Covid.Currently my whole life is in chaos...I'm in a no zone space so the last thing that's crossing my mind was my holiday reservation. This morning an amount of R3500, 00 went off my credit card account than only it struck me was I suppose to check in yesterday on enquire a very helpful consultant Tumi explain I was charge a no show up fee.I'm. Not disputing the charges at all, just pleading my reservation be minimised and rescheduled end of January 2021 with a single chalet.Kindly revert, my contact details are [protected]