Endurance Warranty Services - unethical behavior

Dec 08, 2021


My van broke down, and I called customer service and spoke with a "call center". He verified my coverage and I called the towing company. The tow is supposed to be covered at 100% within 25 miles. They covered $50 of a $390 tow. I had to pay more than $330 out of pocket.

They then tried to get out of the claim by saying my van was being used commercially despite the fact I am disabled and the van is finished inside including a leather sofa in it! After submitting pictures, we finally got past that.

Weeks went by before they authorized a teardown of the transmission to verify cause of failure (again to see if they can get out of it). More time goes by and after more than a month they authorize repairs.

Vehicle has been fixed for more than two weeks and no payment to the dealer for repairs. I called, the dealer called, now we are at them waiting for return of the old transmission (core return).

It has been two whole months since I have had my vehicle (a $20, 000 van im making payments on)!

I spoke to them today demanding that they pay and get my van back to no avail. So I am complaining about them everywhere I can to save others the same despair as I have experienced.

The core return is their fault as they did not furnish return instructions to the dealer until yesterday. Now I still wait.

Pictures of the texts with my service adviser are enclosed.