Enterprise Financial Group [EFG] - Service warranty

Mar 23, 2022

Judy parisi-of Gloucester, US

I purchased a 2011 Mazda 3 vehicle at my local Subaru dealership and bought the gold coverage from EFG. Purchased 9/14/2020 for 2397.00 for 48 months. Had to get a oil change and technician said I needed transmission oil pan ASAP. Brought car to garage & he ordered part and I showed that garage my contract and he said it’s covered. Part came in & EFG said no it wasn’t covered because it was rusty. They said it was in exclusions with so many other descriptions rust, corrosion, engine sludge, dirt, dust, etc. biggest scam now I’m out over 639 with 285 for labor that I thought I had to pay 200 deductible and they pay the rest. Buyer beware as I know I’m not going to get any action but I’m complaining for the principal of this. I have original pamphlet for this company and there are no exclusions at all on it. I called company myself and they said sorry. Well that doesn’t cut it.