eSpares UK - Unable to apply discount code 'Spring10' at checkout

Mar 25, 2022

DeeGeeCee-of London, GB


when looking for my part I received a banner notification from your website stating that if I applied code Spring10 to my order I would receive 10% discount.

I ordered my part - order number [protected] - and paid for it and at no point during the purchasing process was I given the option to input any discount codes.

I even contacted your online chat who advised that this usually shows if you return the the home screen and click on the basket. it didn't work.. just two options displayed - check out securely or view basket. Online chat than advised that they couldn't progress issues with the website. As such, decided to order as I need the part.

As such, you told me that I could receive a 10% discount but did not provide me with the mechanism to claim this discount.