Exclusive Furniture - Living room set

Feb 28, 2022

Cynthia Johnson-of US

I went in to the Cypress exclusive furniture store to buy a living room a sofa and a loveseat I had the picture on my cell phone of the one that I want it when I went in to the store they didn’t have it on the floor so the guy said that they kept some of the stuff in the warehouse the salesman David went to the back didn’t find it then the store manager Wilbur he went to the back and found it was at the warehouse so I paid for my sofa and loveseat my husband picked it up from the warehouse in Missouri when my husband went to pick up my furniture said they told him that they didn’t have the couch only the loveseat and one of the pillows was missing so they said a pillow that doesn’t match but they’re going to fix that and they soon found the sofa so I got wrapped up got put on the truck they bring it home I was so excited I unwrapped the The loveseat and the sofa and it has spots on it on both the sofa and a loveseat like it was a huge sofa so when I called the Cypress store that I got the furniture from David the salesman he gave me the runaround I couldn’t talk to whoever the manager so and I asked what about the manager was this sit on the sales floor he said no that they kept some in the back so I am not a very satisfied customer I went exclusively to the store because they have the best prices but I got a dirty nasty set and I would like something done.I WANT A NEW FUTURE SET