Executive Optical - Damaged goods

Mar 13, 2022

RobMDayao-of Quezon City, PH

Yesterday I went to Executive Optical SM Fairview and had my eye check up and get the right prescription eyeglasses. After choosing the frame (750pesos) I was examined by the Doctor told me that my eye grade is already 275+, then I was asked to return at 3pm to claim my new eyeglasses. That night I was carefully cleaning my eyeglasses I noticed that the left lens was somehow loosed, when I closely examined it I found out that the left frame was broken. I felt so bad because my eyeglasses did not even last 1 day and was already damaged. Upon closely examining it, you can see that whitish residue of a glue is present on the pojnt where it broke. If you will closely examine it, it is consistent with something being bonded together by a glue (like mighty bond). When I got my eyeglasses that afternoon the lady that handled me just asked me if the grade is okay because she made me read a chart. The frame that I chose was made of plastic and there is a great possibility that it broke and was just bonded together. At the back of the receipt was stamped: Taken / Released in good condition all in capital letters. Why wasn't I asked to check if there was no damage. What was the reason for that note stamped at the back when I was not made to examine the eyeglasses if it was really in good condition. Before leaving your store. Attached are 2 photoof the eyeglasses. You can see "whitish thing" atvthe point where it broke. And the photo of the back of the receipt that was unsigned by me to attest to the fact that the eyeglasses that I bought was in good condition.

Thank you. Hoping and praying that you will replace the damaged good that I bought from your store. You can get in touch with me thru this no. 0905.5599.360. Thank you and God bless your business more and more.