Executive Optical - Damaged lenses after nose pad replacement

Dec 11, 2021

12456uihgfdd-of Manila, Philippines

I went to SM Dasmarinas Executive Optical to get a replacement of my eyeglasses nose pad. Your staff Chester Aubrey aka Che-che asked me to sign a waiver saying that if anything happens with eyeglasses like if it get scratches it is not going to be the fault of the technician which is for me is kind of shady. What if it really get scratches /damage then, I will be on the loosing end only because I asked for nose pad replacement? So I asked her if she was seeing any dents she said none, I explained and showed her that it does not have dents or scratches on both lenses because I am not using it regularly, I got separate glasses for everyday use it was only that day that I lost the left pair of the nose pad so I rushed to getting a replacement. After showing that it was scratch or dents free and explaining to her to please take good care of it, I put a note on the waiver that says "My lenses has no scratches, Cheche" she acknowledged it verbally and said "iingatan naman po ma'am" because I trusted her and moreso, I trust E.O. My partner and I have been a long time customer so I then signed the waiver. I asked her again, should I really need to leave my eyeglasses to get a nose pad replacement..she replied yes, I have, to otherwise, It will not get replaced which is kind of strange again

After an hour or so, we went back to E.O. to claim my replacement nose pad and get my eyeglasses back, the nose pad got replaced but my lenses were damaged, it got alot of scratches on both I WAS VERY UPSET AND EVEN NOW I AM UPSET!!! -I felt like it was done on purpose or
-They did not take care of it because they have all the liberty to do that because of the waiver
-It is E.O.'s tactic to sabotage customer since it is damage I will be opted to get a new one
-They do not care for their customer!!!

That's how I felt

This is unfair and frustrating. So I talked to the manager, Gina Nase and Aimee Marimot. They said they will do something. First, they asked me to leave my glasses again for assessment so what will I use then? I was there primarily for Christmas shopping. They said they would replace it but they need until Wednesday next week so I have to go back n fort which is extremely an inconvenience for me. This is UNFAIR

I need my lenses replaced. It was not my fault at all