Executive Optical - I received a non-Polarized eyeglasses

Nov 18, 2021

Jo_man — Pasuquin, Philippines

This was on November 6, 2021. The store was at Puregold Laoag. I paid 23, 560 pesos for the frame and customized polarized lens (Sales Invoice No.29802). November 15, 2021 they texted me to get the item purchased, when I received the item it was not that polarized thing that I expected, it doesn't even change color under the sun. So I ask the person in the store, she said they ordered it OUTSIDE EO Laboratory so they can't do anything about it. I ask them to change it or make it to a transition lens so I can still use it on work but they insist me to pay additional money. What can I do to have a refund on it?