FanDuel - No customer service

Mar 17, 2022

MrSavant-of US

Hi my name is Wilson Cardona I am not getting any reply from fan duel customer service for my account was suspended for over a month for no apparent reason besides them saying multiple accounts which was not true . I had $169 in my account and after a month they finally reopened my account but with $0 as if they took my $169 . Everytime I contact customer service they do not reply I am 60 years old handicap man that is new to sports gambling since it was just introduced to NYC my username is [protected] on Fanduel please help I been going through this for months to no avail and it has become so stressful I am reaching out to all sources for help. I would just like a response from Fan Duel clarifying my situation and what happen to my money thank you