FanDuel - Bovada Sportsbook/Casino

May 16, 2022

dan unfried-of Hemet, US

On 4/1/22 I joined Bovada online Sportsbook to bet Futures on Tiger Woods at Masters 4/7/22. I bet the $100 I deposited, & won $50 (on Tiger finishing in top 10, first day. 4/7/22. That was my first, only, & last sports bet ever. My so-called matching $100 Bonus was "Locked", so as I am a regular horse bettor on TVG for years, with no problems, & familiar with horse betting, I waited till Derby Day 5/7/22. Did not bet Derby, but bet horse #9 (in the 9th race at Curchiil) $10/win, $10/place, & $10/show. The 9 horse won, & Bovada listed my winnings as $119 (have screenshot) When I could not access any of $100 "Bonus" or "Winnings I finally got past Robots in "Chat" suggesting articles to read, & got a Human, he said I would have to bet $5000 more on their website before I could get "Bonus" Obviously I missed this in the pages of "Fine Print". Finally a supervisor told me how to "FORFEIT" Bogus Bonus to "Unlock" my funds. I did, $119 was available to withdraw, so I tried. An email said it would take two weeks or so to get check. Then 4/16/22 they say they can't "Verify" the address I've lived at for over two years, USPS delivers my mail there, Re-sent address, then today "Chat" guy says my email "does not exist in their system" I have Screenshot of account page with "Withdrawable" funds & my email address there. They refuse to send my "Winnings"