FantasiaWear - Service and billing Order #F1903366

Nov 23, 2021

Amy Thompson1227 — USA

This company is a scam!! I sent 4 emails to this company. I placed an order back on August 31 and have NEVER received it. I never received an email showing that it was ever sent out. I paid through PayPal and will be disputing these charges immediately. I've sent emails stating I wanted a refund, and nothing. There should have been no reason to not contact me regarding this order. I have given my contact information and order number numerous times. I would have been happy to even have even received an email saying it was backordered or something. Anything. But your company has done nothing to resolve this. It's a disgrace to run a business like this. I paid 100.00 for a product I never got, just to be treated this way. I'll be reporting your company to the BBB. And will be putting bad reviews all over social media.