Fantastic Services - Cleaning Kitchen, Bathroom and Cooker

Jan 26, 2022

DaveSJ-of London, GB

I originally booked cleaning of the above for 3pm today, weds 26th Jan, I was called and asked if the room cleaner could start at 1pm instead, I agreed, even though this meant I now had to sit in all afternoon. When I woke this morning there was a text message from a 'Fantastic Pro' asking if it was ok that they came at 11am, again I said yes.

The cleaner didn't show at 11am, I then received a call saying that they would be 20 mins late for the 1pm appointment. I pointed out that this had been brought forward and then customer service person who denied any such message had come from you. It was from your text number with my name on it, I feel like he was gaslighting me rather than dealing wit this issue.

So I'm now had to sit in my flat all day for what should have lasted 3 hours in the afternoon, max. There was no real attempt to help from your customer service and I am left never wanting to use your company again.