Fareway - 4th and Grand location WDM

Feb 08, 2022

Nancy Boy-of West Des Moines, US

Where to begin? I don't usually shop here. Used to and was generally satisfied, although there were frequently price discrepancies that I became used to dealing with. However, after I moved, Walmart was more convenient. And much cheaper, as I discovered.

But I was in the area yesterday and needed a few groceries so I stopped by. Ended up spending $40 for what would have cost half that at Walmart. Self checkout was confusing and difficult by comparison and the attendant was rude and condescending when I needed assistance.

Got home and realized that the celery I bought was rotten. Was disappointed and threw it away. Not worth a trip back. Next morning, I was unable to open the half gallon of Fareway brand 2 percent milk; the cap was fused and wouldn't budge. Nearly cut myself trying to open it. Sliced through the plastic container trying to pry it off, so now it leaks when I pour it.

In retrospect, these may seem like minor issues, but I won't be going back. Not worth it. Congratulations, Fareway, on losing another longtime customer!