Fast Splash Car Wash - Car Wash

Apr 02, 2022

Jay_8991-of Detroit, US

I am a 5 year customer of fast splash and because it’s close to my home and had decent service I got a membership.

For the past 4 months the quality of the service as well as the workers (employees) has dramatically declined. I pay for a top tier wash and get a basic wash everytime which costs $24 less than what I am paying. When I complained that my vehicle was not being cleaned properly, dried properly, all services completed that are included in my plan I was given excuses. I was told they were too busy to give a good wash or provide the services I’m paying for. I was also told on more than one occasion that they were low on supplies so they could not cleanly wheels or shine my tires which is included in my plan. I also had to tell one of the workers to stop smoking because the smoke was entering my car and the ashes from his cigarette was dropping on my vehicle as he dried my truck.

This is absolutely unacceptable and must be addressed and corrected immediately. I refuse to continue to pay for a service I am repeatedly not receiving!