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Jan 13, 2022

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I requested a quote online from and received a call back from a salesman. We discussed a price and I told him I would give him an answer in the morning. The next morning I received an email from the Sales Director (see attached) saying he could give me a better deal. I responded asking what he could do and I got a message back from the original sales guy saying:

Hi Doug,

I was under the impression you were going call me this morning to place the order.

You mentioned about talking to the partner? Unfortunately, the company does not have any more money to give you.

Best Regards,
Jason Jensen
Sales Consultant
[protected] ext 7154
Direct: [protected]

I responded that his Director said he could do better and then I got this:

You told me yesterday that you were buying this morning. You did not. I closed your account and auto email was sent out from the GM desk.
The ship has sailed. (see attached)

That ship has sunk. I will never purchase from them.

ALSO: Note that the e-mails come from I wouldn't trust them either.
Photo of Fast Floors - Highlands Ranch, CO, United States
Photo of Fast Floors - Highlands Ranch, CO, United States