Feldco - 4 months to fix a leaky door

Mar 08, 2022

Dan Rick-of US

Had a leaking window in my front door I purchased from FELDCO. I called in early October to ask for warranty service. They sent someone to evaluate the door. They had no idea what was wrong or why it was leaking. He asked me if he should put some caulk on it. I said, "you tell me" I'm not a door technician. He decided to caulk the window and promised I would receive a call from the service department by the end of the week. That didn't happen. After 2 weeks I called the service department and was told that a replacement window was ordered but would be at least 6 more weeks. I asked if they had intended to call me or just wait till they got the window in? He said he had been on vacation and that no one does his job while he is gone. Really? Not the service I was promised when I purchased my windows and doors! I expressed my dissatisfaction and he promised to request an express delivery of window and to get back to me as soon as possible. I heard nothing for weeks . Called several times to his personal extension and got no answer and no return calls. Finally in February I was able to get a nice girl to answer the phone. She had no idea what I was talking about. She promised to look into it and call me back within 30 minutes. She did not. The following day I called again and she told me she had found the window. It was sitting in the service area. She did schedule the service and the new window was installed. In the mean time I ended up having to purchase and install a storm door to avoid leaking and ruining the interior of my home. Over 4 months from initial leak to the warranty work being completed is unacceptable! And don't try to blame it on COVID! This was not a supply issue. It was clearly a terrible service issue. The only time I was contacted by FELDCO during this 4 month period was by someone asking me about my satisfaction with my purchases. When I expressed my dissatisfaction I was told she couldn't help me but I could call the service department. Then why did she call if she can't help someone who isn't satisfied. I was promised outstanding warranty service when I purchased the windows and doors. I spent more fore your product because of the promised service and superior quality. That was a big mistake on my part. The worst part is a referred my son to you after the initial install and he is experiencing a very similar issue. Had windows installed a few months ago and now has one leaking. Can't get it fixed. Calls not returned. It appears FELDCO needs to fix the service department.