Fiji Airways - Fiji Airways Ticket Refund NOT Received

Apr 29, 2022

NL86-of Pleasant Hill, US

I bought tickets to Fiji last April 2021, to this date April 2022, I have yet to receive my refund of over $1900! I have called, emailed, filled out the online refund form and spoken to a few of their agents and all they can tell me is that my refund is in the queue and will be processed in the order for which it is received. My flight was initially cancelled due to Covid, so naturally I requested a refund of my tickets. And still to this date no response of when I can expect to receive it. My last email to them which was 72 hours ago, said that I would hear from someone in 24 hours and that my email was received, but here we are and nothing. I have come to the conclusion that this company is fraudulent and has not intentions of refunding my money. I will be looking into legal recourse at this point. Sad, because I always wanted to travel to Fiji, but this whole experience has soured me up completely from ever having any desire to travel there again.