Fit Factory Fitness - Personal Training and membership

Feb 04, 2022

Edna Mello-of US

I asked my membership (Berlin) to be freeze in December/2021 and It wasn't. My personal treiner left in October/2021 and they did not assign a new one but charge me 8 more classes.

I spoke in personal with Jacob and made minute email about it:


As we spoke on 01/06/2022. We agreed to:

Freeze mensal payment in December/21 did not work.

- I will not be charged in January.

Personal trainer with liam finished in October/21 and was charged 2 months after (8 classes) without having a personal trainer substitute.

- stop charging for personal trainer.

- I’ll use 8 personal trainer classes (paid) after February because of doctor recommended.


Membership was charged again in January/22 and because of their lack of organization and communication I told them that I gave up 8 Personal training classes and wants the money back since it wasn't my fault. Email below:



On 01/06, I spoke in person with Jacob of the calls I made to complain about unacceptable personal training classes charges after Liam left without feedback. He agreed that it was wrong. I agree to freeze personal training classes and use 8 classes in February. I also told him about my request to freeze my membership account in December wasn’t done. He told me that he will ask to freeze in January without blocking my entry. I am not under the impression of anything. I remember everything we talked about and that is why I made a minute email on 01/08. I am bewildered by his email.

In January the personal training classes account was frozen. But the membership wasn’t.

I want to be clear that I changed my mind about using the 8 personal training classes in February and I want the unacceptable 8 personal training classes' money back. Because It wasn’t my fault for not being assigned to a new personal trainer. And I want back the one-month of membership account that should be frozen and It wasn’t.

And let me be clear. This mess started because of Fit Factory's lack of communication and organization.