FlightCatchers.com - shedule change

Mar 31, 2022

Gito-of Cardiff, GB

I have booked a flight to Kochi via Doha but I received a mail a week ago that the shedule is changed..which means that I wont be able to catch my connection from Doha as it will leave 10 mins before my flight from Heathrow reaches Doha..I asked air line but they said to conyact flight catchers because I booked the ticket with them..when asked flight catchers response was not good and are asking extra 200 pounds for four passengers to reshedule the ticket or to contact the airline..but the airline wont take the responsibility as it is booked with third party..The issue is how can we trust this kind of fraud agencies as we are spending hefty prices for travelling..I dont want to miss my travell and please do the needfull..

Many thanks