Florist One - Flowers sent to my daughter for her birthday

Apr 22, 2022

Kimberly 0418-of US

I recently, April 14th 2022, had delivered a bouquet of flowers to Bourgess Hospital to the Operating Room for my daughters birthday. What I ordered and what was sent was absolutely UNEXCEPTIONABLE! I paid $93.00 for this beautiful bouquet of Roses that I spent all morning looking on-line trying to find the perfect flowers. Florist One had, by far, the best selection! They we’re pricey, but I thought they would be well- worth the money, just to see her reaction to the beautiful Rose bouquet! Instead, I got an arrangement that consisted of 3 roses, 3 carnations and 2 daisies. None that even remotely matched. I did receive a text the day before saying they would like to do a designers choice arrangement because they were going to have to improvise. I said okay, as long as they are roses and bright! Their response was okay, thank you! This was such an embarrassment to have these hideous flowers delivered to her place of employment. She work with highly respectable surgeons and other staff. They definitely know the back story on these ridiculous flowers and the disappoint of my daughters flowers. But by all means…… they want “to make it better” by refunding me the service fee! Ha, ha! $16.99! That is a joke! All the flowers alone in that arrangement, didn’t add up to anything close to $93.00! Please, please, anyone who wants flowers sent to a loved one on a special day! DO NOT USE FLORIST ONE! They are a joke! Read the reviews, and by all means, make your own decision, based on the reviews!

Unhappy customer, from Kalamazoo, Michigan!